There is


Real here.

And it's getting bigger


Let’s face it; life-altering innovations are happening everyday. In today’s world a great idea can change lives in an instant.

So we asked ourselves, what’s our part? We wanted to create a sense of local scale for the global game-changers and we set out to create a place so rich in resources that everyone is energized.

We searched for the perfect place and found the answer in SOYO.

SOYO is unlike any other downtown on either side of the Hudson River, after all, no other city has daylighted a river where it feeds into the Hudson. We love the solid SOYO plusses: mass transit connecting to Manhattan; two rivers/two waterfronts; rich history and unshakeable authenticity. There’s something real here.

Our vision extends to 27 Main, a vibrant meeting place at the primary intersection of Main Street and Warburton Avenue; Lofts on Main, new live/work lofts with simple elegance in their design. It includes the sweeping lofts of the Mercantile Building and the stunning views from the apartments in Overlook Terrace.

Our vision includes Exalta, a 550,000 SF residential tower with luxury finishes and upscale amenities positioned at Van der Donck Park, the site of the first phase of the Saw Mill River daylighting. It includes Mill Street Mews, live/work lofts built in a former munitions factory that feature clean, industrial finishes and front door access to the Mill Street Courtyard, site of the second phase of the Saw Mill River daylighting.

We believe in a special SOYO: a place where doers venture out and innovators change the world. A place where great eats can mean elegant dining, an artisan bakery or a locally sourced farmers market. An exceptional place where interesting is normal and the unprecedented happens.